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Disclaimer:  By clicking on some of the links below, you will be directed outside of Hellen Caro Elementary's website. While all content has been reviewed and deemed appropriate, we have no control over the content of any sites outside our own.

Online Gradebook Access for Parents

The Focus Gradebook Parent Portal is available for use for parents and students in Escambia County, Florida.  “Parents and students will now have a tool in which to monitor success and will also be able to see where there needs to be improvement,” states Superintendent Malcolm Thomas.

Parents will see two links on the district web site under Parent Portal on the main page (  One link allows parents to register for the portal (note that all parents must register to the new Gradebook).  Parents will click on the link that reads “Focus Parent Portal Registration", then select "I do not have an account ….”.  Parents will be asked to provide the parent's name and email address.  Once this information is submitted, the parent will be asked to provide the following student information: the last four digits of the student's social security number, the six digit student identification number as assigned by the school district, and the student’s birthdate.  After registration is complete, a password will be assigned and can be changed after the initial login.  The username will be the parent’s email address.  Also, parents will be able to link multiple children in the household to their account.

The Focus Gradebook Parent Portal may then be accessed by providing the username (email address) and the password/passcode (as determined by the parent during the registration sign-in).  Parents will then be able to view their child’s class schedule, grades, and assignments for each class. 

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