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Military After School


"STEAM education is an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach to math-science education. The main idea behind STEAM--which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics--is to integrate the teaching of math, science, arts and engineering, tying them together via technology in a way that emphasizes the disciplines' interconnectedness and fosters innovative thinking."

Spring 2017 Session

Military Afterschool Program


Ms. Willis, Director



Classes we have offered are:



Brainiacs - Brainiacs will have to put their whole brain to use.  We will be learning about the different functions of our brain while playing brain stimulating games.


Science of Art - During this class students will learn how big of a role science and math actually have when it comes to creating art. We are going to have some fun while we explore many different types and styles of art. At the of the end of the session the students will be bringing home their masterpieces in their very own art portfolios. Super excited to see what all we create!


Moby Max - Moby Max focuses on Science and Social Studies.  The students are able to watch videos, match ideas, play games and write about science and social studies standards covering information from their entire grade level.


Textile Engineering - Students will learn the history of the sewing machine and it's inner workings.  Students will create a hand embroidery quilt block, a four-patch quilt block, and a machine applique quilt block, using a combination of hand and machine sewing skills.


Coding - In coding, 3rd and 4th grade students who can read and have no prior programming experience will begin with course 2. In this course, students will create programs to solve problems and develop interactive games or stories they can share.




Chess - Learn to play chess like a pro at the MASP Chess Club!  Students will learn tactics of game play from all level of chess, beginner to advanced.  All students will wrap up the program with a Chess Tournament!


IXL Math – This session will be located in the computer lab.  Students will take and online pretest and then work at their own pace on individualized lessons.  Students are recognized for their progress within the program.  Mrs. Conley will administer the program and assist/teach students who experience difficulty and/or need clarification.


Adventure to Fitness – This session provides moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, while taking kids on a fun adventure to a fascinating part of the world or time in history. Subject matters include history, geography, ELA, math, science, and of course, health.  It combines exercise, learning and fun!  This fun session will be in Modular 2.


Yoga/Human Physiology - this session's focus is on the physiology of the body.  Students will learn about how their muscles and body work through the study of yoga.


LEGO Tech - Students will use laptops and legos to create working robotics. Wow!