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Is my book an AR book?

Many families have their own collection of books.  To find out if one of your own books is an Accelerated Reader book, go to and search for the title.


Accelerated Reader Wall of Fame

How to add your name to the AR Wall of Fame

Kindergarten:  15 points

First Grade:  30 points

Second Grade:  40 points

Third Grade:  50 points

Fourth Grade:  75 points

Fifth Grade:  100 points

Additional AR Awards

The top three students from each class get to go on a special field trip at the end of the school year.

The one student with the most points in each classroom at the end of the year will receive an AR T-shirt.


Accelerated Reader tests can only be taken during the school day with the teacher's knowledge and supervision.

How to add your name to the AR Brag Wall

Kindergarten:  45 points

First Grade:  90 points

Second Grade:  120 points

Third Grade:  150 points

Fourth Grade:  225 points

Fifth Grade:  300 points